I am an ex-theatre geek living in Seattle, WA. My theatre career was a decade long love affair ending with my receiving a BFA in Theatre Design and Technology from the University Of South Dakota. My training in theatre prepared me for my current work life, running my own cottage industry and painting commissions for private/commercial collections.

In 2008 I started a cottage industry of making decorative bird print plaques from my original paintings, and selling them in locally owned stores around the country.

 Over the past 17 years my commissions have included murals, portraits, wildlife art, and delightful pet portraits.

 I am a frequent participant of arts and crafts festival where I sell my wares and meet fellow art lovers.

In 2012 I was honored to be awarded the City Artist Project Grant for my anti-bullying art series from the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs and Arts Commission. The workshops in the middle schools I conducted with the series proved to be the most profound experiences in my art career to date. Kids were open and honest and candid about their bullying stories.

My personal artwork is figurative and queer. For the past few years my own work has taken the backseat to my bird art. Currently I am practicing my figure drawing and painting techniques to instigate new exciting work. My goal is to have a show in a cafe or gallery in the coming years.


-Cody Blomberg